Are you looking for a relatable therapist focused on addressing core issues and ready to develop skills to improve your life?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your partner, others?

Do you worry that you are ruining your marriage, your family and your children or relationships?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the every day challenges that leave you feeling anxious or depressed?

People who work with me are invested in lasting change. Therapy can have a dramatic impact on improving your quality of life. I have extensive experience in helping people like you develop the skills to create change you want to see. I have a specific background in individual issues (family of origin, depression, anxiety, transitions), child behavior, family dynamics and issues you face in your relationships that impact you.

People that get the best value from working with me view our time together as an investment in themselves and their future. I provide support and practical feedback to resolve current problems and long-standing patterns. I will help you find solutions to life's challenges and psychological issues. I will help you build on your strengths, to identify and achieve your goals. My education and experience includes Family Systems Theory, Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, Applied Behavior Analysis and EMDR.

My goal is to help you uncover your true potential. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can better understand and resolve challenges in your life. We will address long-standing behavior patterns or negative thoughts and perceptions that may be holding you back in a short term solution focused manner that provide education and skills to utilize in your every day life.